Updated Xpulse 200 to get new switchgear, taller windscreen

The biggest visual changes are the redesigned LED headlight and taller windscreen.

Hero recently teased an updated Xpulse 200 4V on its social media platforms, showing a redesigned LED headlight and ride modes that seem to suggest the addition of dual-channel ABS. Now, the updated motorcycle has begun arriving at showrooms, revealing the total extent of updates to the Xpulse.

In addition to the new LED headlight, the windscreen has also been redesigned, and is now taller than before. The other visual change is to the hand guards, which now feature a contrasting black section as opposed to the earlier all-white design. What’s also visible is the new switchgear, which sports a more premium design and better finish levels than the rather basic switches on the current motorcycle.

While the updates to the bike are subtle, they should add up to enhance the experience aboard the Xpulse. It already became a nicer highway machine with the BS6 update and the introduction of the 4-valve engine, and now the taller windscreen should offer better wind protection at highway speeds. As the first touch point with the bike, the nicer switches should also prove to be a feel-good factor, which is just as well because the bike has become a good deal more expensive over the years. If the new ride modes bring in dual-channel ABS and allow you to alter its functioning, then that should make the Xpulse not only a safer road bike but a better off-road package as well.

An official announcement regarding the updated Xpulse 200 4V is expected soon, and you can expect a small price hike over the current Rs 1.39 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) price tag.

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