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Vehicle24.Info shall absolutely have no liability in connection with the services including without limitation, any liability for damage to your computer/hardware, data information, materials, and business resulting from the information or the lack of information available on Vehicle24.Info website. Further, Vehicle24.Info cannot edit, control, review for truth or accuracy, or screen for defamation or obscenity any content provided to the Website by a third party through postings, uploaded files, or any other form of communication, nor can the Vehicle24.Info ensure prompt removal of defamatory, obscene, inappropriate or unlawful content after transmission. Any such third-party postings, files, or other communications do not necessarily represent the opinions, beliefs, or positions of Vehicle24.Info. Vehicle24.Info shall have no liability for:

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  • Any omissions, errors, or inaccuracies in the information regardless of how it is caused, or delays or interruptions in delivery of the information, or,
  • Any decision made or action taken or any damage in reliance upon the Information furnished herein.

Vehicle24.Info makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee as to the content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness, completeness, truthfulness, and positioning of the information or the sources that the information may be relied upon for any reason. Vehicle24.Info makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee that the information will be uninterrupted or error-free and that any defects can be corrected. Under no circumstances shall the Vehicle24.Info, its general partner, their affiliates, or any of their respective partners, officers, directors, employees, agents, or representatives be liable for any damages, whether direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages for lost revenues, lost profits, or otherwise, arising from or in connection with this Website, the materials contained herein, or the Internet generally.

Vehicle24.Info shall not be liable for loss or damages whatsoever whether is a contract, tort, or otherwise from the use of, or reliance on the information or from the use of the Internet generally. Much of the information and data on the Internet is provided basically for educational and research purposes. It can be missing, corrupt, late, or just plain wrong. Further, much of the information, like this website, is provided for no remuneration by interested people in their spare time, and absolutely no reliance should be placed on it for any commercial, professional, or important purpose.

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